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Tweens and teens Growth Mindset Yoga afterschool Camp Mill Valley

Bird Method

Our Method is unique.

We combine lessons and tools to guide you in the development of your growth mindset. We help you see, unlock and develop your true potential.

Bird Mehod
Indoor Yoga Classes - the Bird Studio Mill Valley

Developing a Growth Mindset is the key to SUCCESS.


Seeking out challenges and living beyond the edge of our comfort zone is what develops our growth mindset, authenticity and confidence.

Yoga classes provide a safe & nurturing space to learn and practice the process of growing skills and embrace a shift in perspective.

Growth Mindset
& Yoga

Severine Griziaux - Lead instructor at the Bird Studio
(call me Seven)

I was born and raised in Paris, graduated with a Master's from La Sorbonne and worked at "One of America's most JUST companies" in SF for the past 5 years. I am a certified yoga teacher for adults & children, mindfulness & CPR trained, and passionate about neurosciences, the power of belief and the growth mindset.

My happy place? The ocean.

My happy crew? My two children.

My mission? Helping you enter the blue zone.

My dream? Helping millions find their IKIGAI.

Lead instructor

Outdoor Yoga classes at the Biurd Studio Mill Valley

Our teacher is fully vaccinated.

Mats & props are disinfected after each class.

Classes will be outdoor as much as the weather allows.


Indoor studio is ventilated.

 New Rules 

 Safety first 

Finding your IKIGAI, the passion inside you, at the Bird Studio Mill valley


IKIGAI is the passion inside you


It is a unique talent that gets you up in the morning, gives meaning to your days and drives you to give the best of yourself.


Seeking your IKIGAI will take you on a journey of self discovery that will forever change the course of your life.

Teens afterschool program with drop off and pick up
Turn your wish
into a plan.

What's your dream?

To create the life you want, you must 1. DREAM IT.



Step by step, anything is possible. 

Shall we get started?

Make time for yourself:

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Wish Clinic

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