Yoga, meditation and mindfulness after school camp for teens in Mill Valley

Afternoon Camps

 Age 9 - 17
5 students / camp

Afterschool Camp Growth Mindset Yoga Mill Valley

Growth Mindset Yoga Camps 


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11 / 30 / 2021



Our mission is to empower tweens & teens to develop & nurture a growth mindset. We use yoga, mindfulness & meditation to help students find calm and confidence to unleash their creativity.

Your child will learn ways to relax, focus, regulate thoughts & emotions and navigate everyday challenges using their growth mindset. They will gain experiences & tools to stay in balance at all times, believe in, and become, the most authentic version of themselves.

Our programs include:

  • Introducing Growth Mindset & Yoga

  • Managing mind, emotions & fears

  • Adapting to change​ with ease

  • Embracing challenges as opportunities

  • Coping with failure

  • Exploring one's perfectly imperfect body

  • Finding one's IKIGAI

  • Developing concentration & focus

  • Understanding the power of diversity & inclusion

  • Releasing stress & anxiety