Growth Mindset Parenting Bootcamp Online

Thursdays @10am PDT (1hr). 4week course (online) to shift your mindset

  • Starts Sep 8
  • 380 US dollars
  • The Bird Studio


We all want to teach our children to be happy & confident. We want them to grow into independent, compassionate, open-minded and mindful leaders. But the reality is that our children learn more from our behaviors and emotional patterns than our lectures. They pick up on our emotions & fears more than we'd want them to. And no matter how many times you'll tell them you're not scared, if you are, they'll know. So in order to teach them, we must learn and embody our own guidances first. There is no better way to teach confidence than with real confidence. Love with unconditional love. Compassion with true compassion. In other words, the most precious gift you can give your child is to make your wellbeing & self-development your priority. Because that's what you want them to do too. As they watch you become the best version of yourself, they'll learn how to become the best version of themselves. Because they'll know how it feels like, looks like and the energy that radiates from it. Confidence happens within. You can't force it. You can't fake it. But it is there, hidden behind the filters, fears and ego. "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to decide to be happy". Well you can't expect confidence to happen to you either. You have to decide to go find it. It is all less complicated than we make it, you'll see! This bootcamp is a combination of lessons & tools delivered in the safe and nurturing environment of a Yoga classroom. You'll be guided to develop and nurture your growth mindset and be given the tools to help your children develop their own. This course includes guided visualization, journaling and meditation alongside lessons and tools to unleash the best, happiest and healthiest version of your family. No experience is required to take that course. Come as you are. Start where you are!

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